Compelling  copy

starts with a chat. 
Say, over a chai tea.
Creatively spiced.
Caffeine jolted.

To write the copy you truly need, we hone in on...
What you provide.
Who you target.
‣ How they benefit.
Hi, I'm Chaya, copywriter and tea
aficionada. I founded ChaiCopy to
brew, steep, and flavor the copy
your clients will drink.

What copy does your  business thirst for?

Your homepage is your digital tradeshow exhibit, and your internal pages round out your info.  I speak with you, research your market, and then craft website copy that captures your ideal clients with a CTA (call to action).

A Percolating



mug clinking

Landing PageS

You have an upcoming campaign, event or offer to promote. Fill your target market readers' mugs with reasons to sign up, buy now, schedule a call, or find out more. 


You've got a trade show coming up, which means you need a press release ready to go, and that up-to-date, on-brand brochure or one-pager is a MUST.
Show you're the hottest tea out there with your copy.


cinnamon stick 

Social Media

You are too busy to come up with ideas, and handle all the grunt work involved for LinkedIn, Facebook and Insta. Get your pages and profiles set up, and your posts written routinely in order to sweetly stir up your target.


Your email list is your garden of tea leaves, so you need to water it. Regularly. Because email is your primary way to communicate with your target market individually and directly. Give them content they will routinely consume.



If tea had an espresso option, this would be it. Because do you even exist if you're not on YouTube? Someone's got to write that video script before it gets handed over to the video creator.  Script determines videography.

I've had the pleasure to write
for over 40 SMBs, such as...

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Engage your clients
with tasty copy.

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